How To Make A Floral Fabric Design and Have A Good Time Doing It

It’s SPRING! And what better way to celebrate than by putting together your own floral fabric pattern? I know florals are so tired, but hear me out and maybe we can put a spin on an old classic together.

First of all you gotta find your medium.
That’s artistic media for all those who didn’t almost throw themselves out of a window over paint chips in art school.
For this particular example I used a big piece of white paper and a black sharpie. If you don’t have that you can use pretty much anything at this step. If you’re feelin’ kooky find a crayon or if you’re real fancy maybe even a fresh micron outta that cute lil Herschel backpack your graphic designer boyfriend just picked up for you, ya cliche.
If you’re an absolute broke-ass you could literally use toilet paper and your roommates eyeliner pencil.
Actually, that would be pretty dope. You should definitely use your roommates eyeliner pencil and the toilet paper you bought last night at the bodega at 3AM. That would be more arty for sure.
So here we are, we got our sharpie, we got our paper. I would also recommend queueing up the worst RomCom you think you can handle, depending how crappy your day was earlier. If your day was as bad as mine I would highly recommend the fine film “Good Luck Chuck” featuring the talented Dane Cook.
Anyway, start drawing.
We almost forgot the most important part of this project.
Your booze medium. Find your booze medium first.
Mine is definitely almost always whiskey of any kind. But it’s almost the first of the month and work was basically fruitless today so we’re gonna celebrate that with this lovely Budwiser Mango-Rita. And art.
Anyway, return to drawing. Don’t be scared of that blank page. It’s literally the worst part. Go on, just put it all down on that paper. Channel your inner goth Lily Pulitzer but for Target since you’re using eyeliner pencil.
Once you have most of the paper filled up to the edges first step back and admire your work because it’s so damn beautiful and damnit you are a good artist no matter what your creative director says behind your back to your buyer. I went ahead and added a little color because I haven’t watercolored in a while.
Once your ego feels good and repaired take a deep breath. This next step is gonna hurt a little bit. Draw a line straight down the middle of that page.
If you are under confidant about your middle-finding skills, just fold that paper in half vertically and in half again horizontally.
There are your middles!
Now don’t panic but we’re gonna cut on this line. Both of these lines actually.
Sometimes when I’m sensitive about cutting the art itself I’ll Xerox it and print it out on a nice printer, but that’s because I have nice printer work privileges. If you don’t have access to a scanner or printer, don’t worry, tape fixes everything and there is always more art inside you hiding like a beautiful butterfly in a cocoon.
So cut that bitch.
It’ll look something like this at the end.
This is the fun and slightly more challenging part. This is where we flip the art around so it is able to become a seamless tiling repeat. This can get a little wonky so follow me closely.
Did you see that? It’s cool, here’s a picture with some arrows. Basically you are inverting the image so the outer edges become the seamless repeat.
Okay good flip everybody. Now tape. Tape that sucker up best you can. Try to match the corners as exactly as you can because the outer edge becomes the edge of your repeat.
Alright at this point it should look like this.
See that empty space in the middle? We will draw more here. Drawing over the seam will complete the seamless look of the pattern when it’s all done. So get those eyeliner pencils out again and go nuts.
There you have it. That’s how you create a floral seamless repeat. Now you are a real textiles designer and can finally start that Society 6 page you’ve been mulling over for like 6 months now.
Also check back so for part two of this installment. How to make this shit pop off in Photoshop so the end result looks like this –
L8er nerds.

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